ServSafe Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Do I have to purchase the print edition of the book to purchase the alternative format?

A. No, the purchase of the print edition is not necessary.


Q. What if I have already purchased the print edition?

A. You may be entitled to refund. Please check with the source you purchased the book from for their return policy.


Q. What is a DTB Cartridge?

A. Digital Talking Book Cartridge or DTB is a digital cartage for use in the free talking book players available from the NLS.


Q. Can I navigate within DTB?

A. Yes, you can navigate by chapters or sections within a chapter.


Q. What is a digital download?

A. An email with a link to download the .mp3 file will be sent to the client.


Q. Will the link expire? Why?

A. Yes, the link will only be valid for 72 hours. This is put in place for copyright protection per the request of the National Restaurant Association.


Q. How is the .mp3 organized?

A. The .mp3’s are organized according to chapter. Each section within the chapter is tone indexed, meaning that a 5 second tone will be heard at the end of each section. This is very useful if you want to fast forward to a specific section within a chapter.

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