Painting of a decorated pine tree in the woods next to a campfire.

Southern Holiday - Brett Greer

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Inside: "Peace on Earth and Joy to All. Happy Holidays!"


Hailing from a small town in Hartselle, Alabama, with small town values, Brett Greer excelled in art and the wrestling program. Barriers in life began to develop after being diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa and being ruled “legally blind.” He occupied his time by learning to play the guitar, and started a career as a musician, performing both as a solo artist, and with a band, across several states.

Brett finds creating art relaxing through not only painting, but pottery, where he trains under Master Potter Jack Sexton and Grace Carr at their studio, J.S. Pottery, in Stanley, North Carolina. He loves working with clay, painting and traveling to see new places, refusing to allow his visual limitations to negatively impact his creative nature.

Cards measure 5" x 7".

10 cards with envelopes per order.