Reizen BoldWriter 40 shown on a white sheet of paper with "Hello!" written on it to show bold, black, high contrast of ink.

BoldWriter 40 Pen

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The Reizen BoldWriter 40 Pen is a notably smooth writer that creates EASY-TO-SEE and READ, ultra-bold, highly visible, 2.0 mm, broad, black lines, making it ideal for the visually impaired and those with low vision.

The BoldWriter 40 Pen doesn't smudge or bleed through most paper. It's just what you need for large-print calendar appointment entries, making labels, shopping lists, and more. The cap has a handy clip, convenient for shirt pockets or to attach to paperwork.

The exclusive ink formulation provides high-contrast, rich black ink that flows smoothly from the ultra-bold point. The BoldWriter40 is the high-visibility pen for those with low vision when they want to write big and bold.

The BoldWriter 40 Pen's barrel provides just the right amount of surface area to grip, making it easier to hold than many other pens. The BoldWriter 40 Pen may very well become your favorite go-to pen whenever you want your writing to practically jump off the page and demand to be noticed. And you'll probably wonder how you made do without it.